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Raoul and Cindy Parra at work. Photo from American Express Platinum feature 2019

FULL SCALE is the New York-based interior and architectural design practice of Cindy Parra and Raoul Parra. For more than 25 years, their creative vision and collaborative process have enhanced the lives of clients who choose to inhabit spaces of elevated beauty, character and function. Each project is a reflection of the individual, a careful consideration of personal aesthetic and lifestyle. The result is a signature style that defies easy definition but is recognized for a mastery of proportion and flow, a comfortable elegance and an obsessive attention to detail. 

The firm’s interior design and architecture teams are committed to a standard of craftsmanship that is increasingly rare in today’s world. Cultivating decades-long relationships with artisans skilled in traditional techniques makes it possible to create custom millwork and furnishings of extraordinary quality. Such high standards characterize every facet of Full Scale’s operations, with a rare focus on highly personalized service to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Clients are invited to be as engaged in the process as they like, so that the journey to transformation is both transparent and magical.

As partners in Full Scale, Cindy and Raoul have distinct skill sets, yet share a rigorous eye, refined aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail. They work so well together that clients who begin with a home renovation often bring the firm in to revamp additional properties, including vacation homes, offices and yachts and remain with them for decades. It’s a testament to their insights and professionalism that the majority of their business comes through referrals from former clients, past employees, real estate brokers and friends. 


Cindy and Raoul work in close collaboration, aligning on a vision at the outset of each project and checking in at every stage to adjust and refine as needed. Raoul, trained as an architect, has the soul of an artist. He is responsible for overall design, construction documents and project management. Cindy, known for her superb taste and unflagging energy, focuses on the selection of materials, finishes, furniture, accessories and installation. Together, and with the help of their teams, they comprise a turn-key operation that offers clients a fully supported and seamless experience.   

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